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Posted on 08-17-2015

I just had a patient come in from Shrewsbury after having cataract surgery performed on both eyes.  She told me how much clearer she is seeing and did not realize how bad her vision was until after her eyes were done.  I have experienced a similar reaction from patients after starting care in my office.  They were unaware how much more they could do after their body was working better for them.  They didn’t know how relaxed they can feel now that their shoulders weren’t tight any more, how much better they could concentrate and work when they didn’t have headaches or how they could play a better game of soccer now their back is feeling better.  You don’t realize how bad it was until after it is gone and you feel so much better.  Is there someone you know who deserves to feel better?

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...I am ecstatic about the results [of treatment]. My back pain is gone. My headaches are history. My posture is improved and my recovery time is shortened.

Michael S
Little Silver, NJ

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