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Posted on 08-26-2015

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing.  …, Watching this little human being grow, you may feel the baby move, you may even see the baby have hiccups like we did.    As the pregnancy proceeds and the baby is hopefully growing and getting bigger, the mom’s body has to work harder to support the baby, and what results is back pain.  Studies have shown that that 80 percent of pregnant women experience neck and back pain at some point in their pregnancy. 

Over the years treating pregnant patients from has been extremely satisfying. For the moms, as enjoyable as the experience is, by the 3rd trimester after lack of sleep, walking differently, becoming swollen, trying to stay comfortable is a challenge.  If I can help a pregnant mom enjoy her pregnancy without suffering I have done my job.  

I had a patient from Fair Haven that I treated up until the day of her induction!

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...I am ecstatic about the results [of treatment]. My back pain is gone. My headaches are history. My posture is improved and my recovery time is shortened.

Michael S
Little Silver, NJ

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